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Sage ACT! Premium 2013 with ACT! for Windows, ACT! for Web and Web Mobile Access


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Sage ACT! Premium 2013 - the #1 Customer Relationship Manager for over 25 YearsBUY NOW 
Sage ACT! Premium 2013 includes ACT! Premium for Windows and ACT! Premium for Web - AND WITH WEB MOBILE.  Sage ACT! Premium 2013
was created for organizations that need to efficiently share information and keep up with all the details whether in or out of the office.  ACT! Premium for Web was developed to work either as a standalone product or in conjunction with ACT! Premium – giving your organization the freedom to choose how to deploy your CRM solution.

In a shared database workgroup environment, the ACT! Premium client can be installed on a user’s PC and connected to a database hosted on a separate database server. In this configuration the workload is shared between the user’s PC and a database server.  ACT! Premium for Web is a browser-based application. Users access a centralized Web application server. In ACT! Premium for Web, most of the processing work occurs on the Web application server or the SQL Server (database server).

To support a varying set of user needs (including connected, disconnected, and offline access) and maintain maximum flexibility, organizations can deploy ACT! Premium in a mixed desktop and Web environment. Mixed scenarios provide instant anywhere, anytime access through ACT! Premium for Web, while allowing disconnected/offline access using ACT! Premium for users who need this functionality. Furthermore, in this deployment, both ACT! Premium and ACT! Premium for Web users share a common database and customizations to layouts, reports, and fields, enabling IT to administer and customize one environment and allowing users to choose their access method. 


If your company doesn't have the infrastructure to host Sage ACT! Premium, we have hosting options available.  Offering a web-based hosted solution for ACT!, with on-line real-time access to databases via ACT! Premium for Web and ACT! Internet synchronization for remote ACT! Premium database users at a low per user monthly fee. 

WHY YOU SHOULD BUY  In a weaker economy, it’s tempting to "wait it out," but consider the cost of doing nothing. ACT! helps you grow your business by attracting new customers and getting more from existing relationships. WHAT'S NEW FOR 2013:

Propel Your Sales and Marketing Success with Contemporary Trends in Sage ACT! 2013
Business never rests and neither should your technology. Celebrating 25 years of serving the Contact and Customer Management needs for small businesses and sales teams, Sage ACT! 2013 delivers contemporary new features and enhancements that help you leverage the latest trends in mobility, social media, and e-marketing to propel your sales and marketing success.


  • Sage ACT! Premium Mobile Travel light and stay connected to your business with real-time mobile access from your iPhone®, iPad®, or AndroidTM device.

  • Social Updates Capitalize on added customer insight by viewing a collection of your contact’s last 25 posts made on LinkedIn® and Facebook®.

  • Social Sharing Extend your reach beyond just email by automatically posting your Sage E-marketing for ACT! campaigns to popular social media sites and allowing recipients to share with their network.

  • Smart Task Enhancements Save even more time because Smart Tasks now run even when Sage ACT! is closed, and automatically update record fields once your selected conditions are met.

  • Usability Improvements Benefit from new, intuitive wizards for remote database creation, moving and sharing databases, and a streamlined download experience.

Travel Light and Stay Connected to Your Business with Sage ACT! Connect
You’re going places. And to keep that momentum going, it’s critical that your business command center go with you. With Sage ACT! Premium Mobile you can stay connected to your business by accessing your Sage ACT! Premium contact, calendar, and opportunity details from your iPhone®, iPad® or AndroidTM device. No more struggling to recall fuzzy details, or worse, be at a total disadvantage with old information. Stay productive and keep your conversations fluid with the convenience of using familiar functionality to instantly view and capture important customer details in real time. Move forward confidently, knowing accurate updates are securely shared in the database as soon as you touch the save button. All the robust functionality you’re accustomed to, now with easier access and immediate updates. Best part, Sage ACT! Premium Mobile is included with your upgrade to Sage ACT! Premium! Real-time, mobile access to your Sage ACT! Premium contact, calendar, and opportunity details from your iPhone®, iPad® or AndroidTM device.

Capitalize on Added Customer Insight with Social Updates
Social media gives you a fast, simple way to stay close to the things your customers care about. Sage ACT! helps you capitalize on this unique insight by integrating with popular social media services and pulling your customer’s recent posts together into one, centralized view on their contact record. Once your "Connect" or "Friend" link is made, Sage ACT! Social Updates provides you with an insider’s-look by displaying a collection of your customer’s last 25 posts to LinkedIn® and Facebook®, as privacy access allows. You’ll develop a greater understanding of your customer’s needs, opinions, and life events so you can act swiftly with a personalized phone call or a meaningful sales offer and message. Imagine the edge you’ll have! Gain an insider’s-perspective through a centralized view of your contact’s last 25 posts made on LinkedIn® and Facebook®.

Extend Your Reach with the Power of Social Sharing.
Sage E-marketing for ACT! gives you a simple way to grow your business by regularly communicating with your contacts. Create and send professional, eye-catching email campaigns that fit the style of your brand. Then, extend your reach beyond just email addresses when you push your messages to LinkedIn®, Facebook®, and Twitter® using Social Sharing. Go viral! Add social media sharing icons to your email footer so recipients can help spread your message to their social networks. Automatically post your e-marketing messages to your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Put More Time Back on Your Side with Smart Tasks
Your time is too valuable to get bogged down in a mountain of administrative tasks. Sage ACT! Smart Tasks help you handle the things you need to get done every day by automating key activities based on steps you define, like sending a welcome email to a new customer. Apply built-in Smart Tasks right out-of-the-box, make changes to fit your specific needs, or easily create your own. And with new enhancements, you can save even more time because Smart Tasks now run offline from your server, so your designated steps keep moving forward, even when Sage ACT! is closed. In addition, new data/ field triggers automatically update record fields once your selected conditions are met, from that point forward. For example, changing the status to Closed-Won once the opportunity has reached the sales fulfillment stage, resulting in a reminder to send a new customer welcome kit. With Smart Tasks, it’s like having your own personal assistant to take care of the small details so you can focus on taking care of business. Save precious time with data/field triggers7 that automatically update records once conditions are met.

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ACT! is more powerful and effective than e-mail and spreadsheet solutions, but easier to use, quicker to get up and running, and less costly and complex than other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.


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