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True Costs of


Time to renew your contract?

Take a close look at the true costs before you do!

Let's Do the Math: will cost you 2.5 times more than ACT! after 3 years!

Sage ACT! and Cost Comparison

Compare the costs of 20 licenses and you'll see that ACT! offers more for less.*


  ACT! Premium
  ACT! Premium Professional
  ACT! Premium for Web   Support & Administration
  Upgrades and Technical Support  
  Typical Cost of Training & Implementation  


And if you want these features in, you'll pay even more!

Busting Myths

  • Myth:  With, you don’t have to install software.
    Reality:  The NO SOFTWARE mantra is a myth. If you need to integrate with Microsoft® Outlook®, Word, handhelds, or use offline sync, you need to install separate programs for each process. You will need to enter a security token each time you connect.

  • Myth: Professional only costs $65 per month.
     You may enter a contract with the Professional Edition at $65/user per month, but you may soon realize that in order to have automated weekly backups performed, you need to upgrade to a higher edition at twice the cost. All of the management reports in can be created with ACT! and Crystal Reports® – for less. You may get more reports in out-of-the-box, but you definitely pay for it.

  • Myth: is easy to set up.
      Not necessarily… For example, if you want a custom field to be in Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities, you have to create that custom field FOUR TIMES and then link them to each other.

  • Myth:  Writing Letters in is easy.
      17 clicks to do a simple mail merge. The same process takes 8 clicks in ACT!.
  • Myth:  I can use to send mass e-mail campaigns.
      True, but with the Professional Edition, your entire company can only send 500 per user per day. The Enterprise and Unlimited editions can send 1000, but that is the maximum.
  • Myth: gives me all of my data in the offline client.
      Not true. With the offline client, you are limited to: 5,000 accounts, 4,000 leads, Limited number of events.

* Price comparison based on 20 user licenses of ACT! Premium, 20 licenses of ACT! Gold Maintenance & Support 1 Year, estimated initial training cost of $1,500, cost of on-site implementation costs of $3,000 vs. Professional 20 users at $780/user/year and support and administration at $195/user/year.
** Storage limitations using ACT! are a function of your local hardware configuration and limitations created by the database manufacturer.



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