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ACT CRM Database Customization Services |  Layout, Reports, Dashboards, Templates, Upgrades


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ACT! CRM Database Customization Services

ACT! CRM is not meant to be a one size fits all businesses CRM program and we can help in making your ACT! CRM unique for your business.  We will work with you and/or your personnel remotely (on-site services are available) to customize your database, templates and/or reports to capture, utilize and report on the information that is important to the success of your business.

We provide ACT! CRM Database and Layout Customization, Report Customization, Dashboard Customization, Document and Email Template Customization, Emarketing and Web Forms Customization and conversion services for ACT V17 PRO, ACT V17 PREMIUM, ACT V17 PREMIUM WEB, ACT V17 PREMIUM WEB MOBILE, ACT V16 PRO, ACT V16 PREMIUM, ACT V16 PREMIUM WEB, ACT V16 PREMIUM WEB MOBILE, Sage ACT! Pro 2013, Sage ACT! Premium 2013, Sage ACT! Premium Web 2013, Sage ACT! Pro 2012, Sage ACT! Premium 2012, Sage ACT! Premium Web 2012, Sage ACT! Pro 2011, Sage ACT! Premium 2011, Sage ACT! Premium Web 2011, Sage ACT! Pro 2010, Sage ACT! Premium 2010, Sage ACT! Premium Web 2010, Sage ACT! Corporate Edition 2010, ACT! By Sage 2009, Sage ACT! Premium for Workgroups 2009, Sage ACT! Premium Web 2009, ACT! by Sage 2008, Sage ACT! Premium for Workgroups 2008, Sage ACT! Premium Web 2008, ACT! by Sage 2007, Sage ACT! Premium for Workgroups 2007, Sage ACT! Premium Web 2007, ACT! by Sage 2006, Sage ACT! Premium for Workgroups 2006, Sage ACT! Premium Web 2006, ACT! by Sage 2005, Sage ACT! Premium for Workgroups 2005, ACT! 2004, ACT! 6.0, ACT! 2000, ACT! 5, ACT! 4, ACT! 2.

ACT CRM Software Customization Services | Database, Layout, Reports, Dashboards, TemplatesACT! CRM DATABASE AND LAYOUT CUSTOMIZATION

The Contact record in a standard ACT! database has approximately 70 fields to capture basic information for your leads, prospects, customers, etc.. But if you haven't customized your database you are not using ACT! to its fullest potential.  Your database can be customized to include any information
you need to track and streamline your processes.   And any fields added to your database are instantly searchable, sortable and reportable.  We can customize your ACT! database Record Types of Contact, Company, Opportunity and Groups by adding, changing and/or removing fields and designing the corresponding layout.  Sub-entities of products and activity types can also be customized.  Have ACT! CRM evolve with your business - we are experienced in working businesses of all types and can quickly and efficiently design your database to keep up with your business needs.

Kick your database customizations up a notch by including field calculations, a new feature in ACT! v16, is a "calculator" that uses the contents of fields from ACT! records to perform simple or complex calculations, and save the results into an ACT! field.


ACT! Report Customization ServicesACT! CRM REPORT CUSTOMIZATION

ACT! comes with more that 40 standard reports, we can customize these reports to include your custom fields as determined above.  We can also create custom reports based on standard fields or your custom fields and group, sort and count the results.  Using VB scripting we can also create calculations and colorization based on the report results.  We can then add any Custom Reports to your Reports Menu for ease of access to run the report. 

With Lookup based reports we can develop custom queries and add the query to the Lookup Menu for ease of access to run the lookup prior to running the report. 

With the ACT! Report Writer in addition to creating custom reports, we can also create custom Labels and Envelopes.  For more robust reports, we provide services for alternative reporting tools such as Excel with ACT!'s BI Analytics, Crystal Reports and other Reporting Add-ons.


ACT! Dashboard Customization ServicesACT! CRM DASHBOARD CUSTOMIZATION

The ACT! Dashboard provides a comprehensive, visual summary of activities and opportunities in a single view. Dashboards provide an at-a-glance, graphical and list representation of this information in an interactive format.  We  create custom dashboards for our customers that displays specific user, team, department (sales, marketing, service, etc.), territory, regional, management and/or owner views.

Besides working with the ACT! Dashboard Designer, we provide services for additional reporting tools such as Excel with ACT!'s BI Analytics, Topline Dash and other Reporting Add-ons.



ACT! CRM includes a powerful document merging capability for print and e-mail communications to automate these type of functions.  We work with our customers to create standardized branded communications for their users.  We also can create templates for your company forms such as quotes, order forms, policies, proposals, contracts, etc.. No more copy & paste - the design of document and email templates will enable you to save time spent on repetitive tasks.


Swiftpage Emarketing Email Template and Survey Web Forms Customization ServicesSWIFTPAGE & ACT! E-MARKETING TEMPLATE AND SURVEY CUSTOMIZATION

Marketing communications not only help your business find new customers, but also connect with existing ones.  Swiftpage E-marketing for ACT! (requires a subscription) gives you a simple way to grow your business by regularly communicating with your contacts.  We can help you design professional, eye-catching emails that fit the style of your brand and work with you to schedule and send your individual campaigns or drip-marketing campaigns. 

Each E-marketing account includes surveys, surveys can capture information about your contacts and help you get new contacts. We can help build your surveys as stand alone web pages or embed them into your website (we have several Swiftpage E-marketing Customized Surveys on our site here, here and here).  If your subscription includes advanced surveys then we can create branded stand alone web pages and another cool feature is that your survey results can be transferred into your ACT! database and a contact is created or updated.

We can also help you in segmenting your ACT! Database to create targeted marketing campaigns - sending the right contacts the right message at the right time.

ACT! 2000 and ACT! 6 Database Conversion and Repair ServicesUPGRADING FROM ACT! 2000 (ACT! 5) OR ACT! 2002 - ACT! 2004 (ACT! 6) TO THE LATEST VERSION OF ACT! CRM

We can perform your ACT! 5 and ACT! 6 database upgrades, including any needed database repair.  When upgrading, the database and fields will carry forward into the new ACT! CRM version, but any customized Layouts and/or Templates may need additional changes after the upgrade.  Customized ACT! 5 & 6 reports, labels and envelopes will need to be recreated to the updated ACT! report writer.

ACT CRM Customization Services - Customizing ACT CRM Makes Your Work Easier



Let us help automate your business.



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